Why be a member? 


Membership supports Green Apple's mission. Membership helps to pay the rent, purchase and maintain equipment, bring in musicians, and meet other expenses. Most of all it supports folk music in North East Wisconsin.

Annual dues entitle you to a periodic newsletter, calendar of events, discount concert tickets, Green Apple jam and potluck invitations, and opportunities to perform in the area. Download the form, fill it out, send it in, and be one of us!

Green Apple Membership Form 2018 and/or 2019
Green Apple Membership Form 2018-2019.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [113.8 KB]
  • Always fill out the top three lines of the form (name, year, and membership type).  Some people forget to give us their name.  When that box is blank, we can tell who the form came from if your check is still with it, but the check and the membership form go to different board members and sometimes they get separated before the form is processed.  Don't let this happen to you.
  • If you're a current member and have no changes since last year, the rest of the form (after the first three lines) is optional.  We'll just use the information from last year's form.  If you're not a current member, it's risky to assume that we have current information for you.
  • The membership director really appreciates printing or legible handwriting on the form, especially for entries where he can't guess what it's supposed to be (like the telephone number and especially the email address).
  • Contact Paul Dixon (920-788-7570) if you want to make changes to membership information during the year.  He'll make sure you continue to receive the newsletter and other mailings if you move or change your email address.  There's an answering machine to take your message if no one's home.
  • Over 100 people have played at Green Apple hoots over the years.  If you have, please check the "Performer" box on the form so we can add you to this list.  And mark any interests you have (Jams, Potlucks, etc.) in those boxes.
  • The postal service would like it if you would give us your full ZIP+4 code, though you only need to do this the first time as long as you're a current member.  Hint: Check mailing labels on your magazines, your ZIP+4 code is often printed there.
  • If you're not sure if you've renewed your membership, just ask at the admissions table when you come to concerts and hoots.  We will check the current lists and give you a membership form if you need one.  Or contact Paul Dixon at other times and he'll check for you.
  • You can renew for two years (2018/2019).  Send a check for the correct amount and circle both the "Both Years" box at the top of the form.  Circling that box ensures that our database is updated properly if your check is separated from the form before it is processed.  Your name will remain on the "Members" list and you won't need to send in a renewal in 2019.  You won't see the "Please Renew" reminder that other members will get at the end of 2018.
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