Summer Campout

Join us at a four-day campout at Hartman Creek State Park, just west of Waupaca in August.  Come one day or enjoy four days of camping and music in a beautiful outdoor setting.  We're usually in Group Site #2.


Dean says: Please bring your own eatage, drinkage, tentage, and instrumentage.  Be prepared to have a good time.  Swim suits optional, but recommended.  Bicycles if you got 'em.  Hiking shoes a smart idea. Chair to relax upon around the campfile.  Potluck dinner on Saturday.


If you're not a camper, join us for just a day.  Admission to the campout is free, but a state park sticker is required.

You can find us here:

Green Apple Folk Music Society
PO Box 974

Appleton, WI 54912



Call Dean 920.982.2890

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