Main Event Schedule

Green Apple Hoots are open mics in which you reserve a slot in advance. We have some simple rules designed to ensure an equitable & entertaining event for all.


  1. You may call Dean at 920.982.2890 no more than 3 weeks in advance of the hoot to reserve a spot.
  2. Each set must be 20 minutes or less. Please time your set before you go on stage.
  3. Musicians meet before program to determine the play order. 
  4. Please return to the audience after your set to support your fellow musicians.
  5. Musicians welcome on stage to help perform "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" or "Green Apple Pickin' Time" at the end of hoot.


Enjoy your time on stage, the Green Apple audience is the best!  

Main Event Schedule 2019
Date Event  Admission Location
August 22-25  Annual Campout Donation Suggested Hartman Creek State Park
September 14, 7pm Flip O' Coin w/ Crystal River Trio $10 Suggested Donation to benefit Pillars  Mosquito Hill Nature Center
October 26, 4:30pm Annual Meeting with Pot Luck and Jam Free  Mosquito Hill Nature Center
November 16, 7:30pm Open Mic* Donation Suggested 602 Club
December 14, 7pm Holiday Program Donation Suggested Mosquito Hill Nature Center

    * If you plan to perform at an Open Mic please arrive at 7pm to determine performance         order


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